Monday, 24 October 2011

Plumbing Services Tukang Paip

1. Plumbing Repair & Replacement
- water heater repair and replacement
- clogged toilets
- clogged and broken pipe repairs
- food disposal repair and replacement
- clogged sinks
- bathtub plumbing
- washes lines
- hot water dispenser
- water leak detection and repair

2. Drain and Sewer Cleaning
- slow drain
- clogged sinks, toilets, food dispenser, washing machine, dishwasher...
- clogged sewer lines

3. Sewer Repair Services
- clogged sewer
- broken sewer lines
- aged lines that have worn out or seperated
- pipe location services
- trenchless technology solution

Specialize in condo wall leakage, slab leakage, roof leakage, pipe blockage & drains blockage

For enquries kindly call 012-6709072 Kok Kheong
For services please call for arrangement

p/s: services only applicable at Selangor and KL areas